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Create a Life You Love

     This coaching program is a customized and personalized approach to your unique goals. I will adapt the coaching principles, tools and techniques to suit your focus. We will use material from one or both books and I will also bring in other resources as applicable. 


This program is for you if you… 
  • Desire to create and connection to yourself where you are empowered, centered and doing life from the most mature parts of yourself. 

  • Desire to have stronger and more meaningful relationships with those around you: family, friends, partnerships and work. 

  • Desire to shift your relationship with life; to experience more from life than you currently feel capable of envisioning. 

  • Feel like you are stuck, in a rut, burned out or bored.  

  • Crave to come into alignment with your purpose. 

  • Desire more confidence in how you move through the world. 

  • Dream for something more than your current life reflects. 

  • Have unhelpful patterns that you desire to shift. 

  • Desire to see real change in your life as a result of the work you put into it.  

  • Are no longer willing to accept a life that is not fulfilling. 

  • Are an entrepreneur or business owner who desires to deepen and expand your vision for your business, company or clients. 


How it works:


  • This is a custom process which takes place over your choice of 3 months, 4.5 months, or 6 months. 

  • Consecutive weekly sessions for the duration of your program. 

  • Each session is 60-minutes long. You have the option to customize your package for 75-minute or 90-minute sessions.  

  • You will complete reading and practices between sessions. 

  • Once your coaching program is finished, you may continue coaching with me if you desire. 


You will need to: 
  • Purchase books as determined by your consultation. 

  • Read a portion of the book at the beginning of each week and work with the material throughout your week in preparation for our sessions together. 

  • Set aside time each day for the duration of the program to do all the practices, journaling and self-reflection as directed. 

  • Meet with me each week for your session where we unpack specifically how each step or section relates to you and your situation. We use the material you compile as a springboard for active discussion and to dig deeper and find openings for you to create shifts in your life. 


Your investment: 
  • You may choose to work with the material of the 5-Steps over a period of 3-months, 4.5-months or 6-months.  

  • The program is content-rich and asks you to reflect deeply on your own inner workings, complete journaling prompts and do practices each week.  

  • Consider your personal commitments (work, children, etc.) and schedule when choosing which package suits the time you have to dedicate each day to the process. 

  • The 4.5- & 6-month packages are designed to allow spaciousness to spread out the material into manageable pieces and pause to work together very specifically with your personal content as it arises. (6 months is the best option for those with busy schedules.) 

Financial investment: 
Contact me for details about your custom plan. 

More about how I work…. 

For more information about my coaching methodology, click here

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