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Calling in "The One"

The Calling in “The One” coaching program is based on the national bestselling book by Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT. Calling in “The One” is designed to help you bring love into your life by beginning with your internal relationship with yourself: becoming “The One” as the basis to attract the love and life you desire. This is equally effective if you are looking to bring a new partner into your life, deepen an existing partnership or even if you are currently solo and looking to deepen your connection to yourself.

The core aspect of this program revolves around the idea that when we shift our core sense of identity to align with the strength of who we authentically are, and when we are willing to take actions in the direction of that future, our lives will organically shift to include the very things we long for and desire.

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Often our blocks and barriers are outside of our current awareness and ways of thinking. This program helps you create a vision, identify incongruencies in your life and shift your patterns to invoke a whole different outcome than what was possible for you prior to this point.

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This program is for you if you:

  • Desire to cultivate a healthy, lasting relationship whether you are currently in one or not.

  • Would like to prepare yourself for a romantic relationship.

  • Desire to deepen and strengthen an existing partner relationship.

  • Are unsure if you’re ready to engage in a romantic partnership after a prior breakup or loss.

  • Would like to become the most authentic and empowered version of yourself regardless of your current relationship status.

  • Wonder if romantic partnership is for you.


Overview of the  Journey

Calling in “The One” is a 7-part program:

  1. Preparing for Love

  2. Completing Your Past

  3. Transforming Your Love Identity

  4. Setting Your Course

  5. First Things First

  6. A Life Worth Living

  7. Living Love Fulfilled

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