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I passionately believe that no matter what the past has been like, we can create inner belonging and a life we truly love.
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About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm Dominique and I use she/her pronouns. I specialize in 1:1 individual coaching in the areas of personal identity, relational dynamics and achieving a life that inspires you and feels like your own. I see clients virtually, so you can work with me from anywhere in the world!

Let me introduce myself a little.

My approach to life is a full-hearted desire to live ever-more into the truth of who I’m here to be. One of my gifts is making a soul-searching inquiry out of everything. I am always finding ways to creatively uncover and recover aspects of who I am and come home to myself and the joy of life.

My lived experience has given me a multi-faceted, intersectional perspective to all that I do. Located in the Global North, on the Northwest Coast of the United States, I have spent my life "between worlds". My experiences and identities never fit into the available categories or checkboxes of society. This has given me an ongoing fascination with belonging. I’m continuously exploring this concept and ways for everyone to create belonging within and around ourselves, especially when there isn’t a ready-made place in the world we feel at home in.


Embracing my queerness and living into that part of myself fully and proudly has been one of the most profound aspects of my life journey. Only through living in alignment with who I authentically am, was I able to create and sustain the relationship of my dreams with my current partner, the love of my life. Our relationship is soul-nourishing beyond what I had known to be possible in love and life. Learning to relate to myself in life-affirming ways created the foundation I needed to cultivate this safe, happy and loving partnership.

As a dual credentialed Certified Calling in “The One” and Certified Conscious Uncoupling coach and I am honored to bring those modalities to my own LGBTQIA2S+ community and coach these programs through a queer lens.

Coach Training & Certifications

  • Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach through Katherine Woodward Thomas

  • Certified Calling in “The One” Coach through Katherine Woodward Thomas

  • Building Liberatory Connections with Akilah Riley-Richardson through Academy of Therapy Wisdom


I was socialized in early life by family and religion to adhere to oppressive gender-role expectations and harmful patriarchal power dynamics. I had no idea how to relate to myself, let alone other people, outside these expectations and dynamics. Though I married young, I had no positive role models for how to navigate the complexities of equal partnership and eventually that marriage ended in divorce. It’s been well over a decade since that ending and learning the skills of mutual, healthy relationships has been life-altering in every area of my life.

My connection to the Divine is non-traditional; I find the sacred in all things around me. My deepest connection to Life has always been through the natural world: being in the water, walking in the woods and working in the garden. After spending much time in an assortment of religious and spiritual groups which ultimately were not right for me, I now choose to follow my own unique way of being with the greater forces of Life.



Professionally, I hold an art degree and my background includes 15 years in the administrative field as an executive assistant at some of the top companies in the Seattle area. I’ve worked in many office environments – from large corporate companies to non-profits and small start-ups– in a variety of industries: technology, financial services, medical and news, just to name a few. Throughout that time, I simultaneously pursued my own educational interests in art, personal development and transformative work. I have an extensive background in holding transformational space and facilitating ritual space both one-on-one and with groups.

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