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A Queer-Safe Space

This space  doesn’t just accept you.

This is a space that was created specifically for you.

Deep Refuge is a Queer-Owned,

Queer-Safe & Queer-Affirming

sanctuary for personal transformation.

As a queer person, I’ve found there are a lot of spaces that claim to accept clients of “all orientations and expressions”. But to be honest, I find myself often holding my breath, waiting to see if that’s true in practice or just a nice sentiment. While the support and inclusion are appreciated, just because there’s a rainbow flag in the window, doesn’t always mean the establishment understands our specific needs as a community.

Here are a few foundational things you can expect when working with me.


Proactivity & Directness

Because I believe that clarity is vital to you getting the coaching that is relevant to your life, I will proactively ask you questions about yourself and your preferences. I’ve found that as queer people, we can end up carrying extra weight even when we are supposed to be in the client seat. We’re often working extra hard to make sure we’re being clear enough, to make sure the message is getting across, and doing extra work that isn't ours to do. By engaging directly, we take this extra weight and effort off you and allow you to safely relax into being the client.


Those of us “under the umbrella” know very well that just because we all are grouped together, doesn’t mean we’ve all had the same lived experience. Nor does it mean that our lives and relationships mirror one another. I won’t promise you that I’ve had the same experiences you’ve had. What I will promise you is that I will give you space to tell me what your experience is, what’s true for you, and who you are. I will listen and build my understanding of you off of what you’re telling me instead of assuming I know how things have gone for you or what your life is like.




I’m not interested in making you fit into some stereotype or terminology that doesn’t work for you. I’m interested in you getting the coaching that’s going to fit into your real life. While it may seem like there’s so many terms and expressions to describe ourselves and our relationships these days, often we still really don’t have the language to articulate our experience in a way that feels accurate. There's a lot of pressure to be concise and specific but the truth is, it's not that simple and language just sometimes isn't there yet.

It’s ok if things take a few extra words describe, I’m here for it.

It’s alright if you change your mind about how to describe something after trying it out one way and realizing a different one would fit better, I'd love to hear it.

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