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How I Work: A Customized Approach

When working with me, you are not just doing a coaching program – you are answering an invitation to journey deeper into relationship with your own knowing and your own way of being. Your invitation is to connect into the core of who you are to create lasting transformation in your life. I partner with you each step of the way from setting your intention to supporting you though taking empowered action to celebrating your victories.



I love frameworks, yet approaching anything from a position of universal answers ultimately leaves most of us feeling like there’s something wrong. At worst, that approach can do harm to us in spaces where we are supposed to bring our vulnerabilities and life experiences; aspects of ourselves which may not be so easily categorized. My approach takes into account that within all frameworks there must be fluidity, capacity to adapt and space to discern what works - and what doesn’t - based on an individual’s unique viewpoints and experiences.



Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Our uniqueness is what makes up the interesting and diverse web of life. We all deserve to be seen, heard and held in a space where we can be as we truly are. This can be a paradoxical space where truth is multi-layered and we are much more complex than we are often given the room to express. From this belief stems my customized approach to coaching.


Timeframes and Pacing

The first thing I ask you to consider is your relationship to timing, pacing and how you like to work. In all of my programs, I offer a choice of timeframe options. This allows you to decide what fits best for your schedule, the commitments you have in your life and the pace you naturally move at. These options allow you the agency to determine a structure that is going to set you up best for success.


Slowing Down

I take a big stand for real-life, human-scale pacing. Dominant culture tells us that moving quickly equates to getting more done and this mindset keeps us racing forward with thoughts only on the finish line. Pushing back on this way of thinking is a priority for me. I foster a fertile environment for authentic growth and expansion by creating spaciousness to engage with the material in ways that allow for deep personal openings and shifts. Decolonizing the process is the foundation of lasting change in the direction of your goals and dreams. It is essential to honor our humanity as the first step.


Social Context & Identity

An important aspect of my coaching work is holding an inclusive space for those who do not fit within the typically defined boundaries and categories – gender identity, sexual orientation, racial and cultural context all play a big part in influencing how we view things and bringing this in is vital for you to receive coaching that is specific to you and relevant to your life. This is why I use an intersectional approach to coaching.



I define inclusive as not merely being open to differences but coming into the space without assumptions of who you are and what you need. Welcoming you to share your lived experiences, challenges and desires – all the things that make up your particular way of knowing the world.

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